X-Y Matrix

Rugged Touch – A Touchview Product

X-Y Matrix Touch Screen Technical Specification

X-Y Matrix Touch ScreensAvailable in a wide variety of viewing area sizes and configurations, the X-Y Matrix TouchView provides optical clarity for products that incorporate flat panel and liquid crystal displays.

X-Y Matrix TouchView devices integrate two Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated sheets in a membrane construction – one sheet with etched conductive parallel bands along the X-axis, the other with similar lines along the Y-axis. This provides quick, accurate response for more than 1 million cycles. Standard designs feature precise matrix alignments, environmental adhesive sealings and high-rel connector terminations. Optical adhesives eliminate second surface reflection when the device is bonded with transparent support materials, protective overlays and shielding.

With an activation force of 1-10 oz. (typical), a contact bounce of less than 10 milliseconds, X-Y Matrix TouchView is an optimum solution for virtually any display application including those in harsh environments.

All X-Y Matrix TouchViews are customized, so pricing depends on customer specifications and application requirements.