Warranty Info

Express Warranty in Lieu of Implied Warranties – Repair and Replacement

Seller warrants that the products sold by it will, when delivered, or when installed, if this contract provides for installation by Seller, be free of defects in workmanship or material. Should any failure to conform to this warranty become apparent during a period of one year after date of installation, and not more than two years after date of delivery, Seller shall, upon prompt written notice and compliance by the customer with such instructions as it shall give with respect to the return of defective products or parts, correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement, F.O.B. factory, of the defective part or parts. Correction in the manner provided above shall constitute a fulfillment of all liabilities of Seller with respect to the quality of the products.

The foregoing Warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of quality, whether written, oral or implied (including any warranty of merchant Iiability or fitness for purpose).

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