Technical Specs

Touch Screens Technical Specifications

Electrical Specs
Rated Voltage 30VDC
Rated Current 30mA
Rated Power 1.0 Watt
Circuit Resistance < 100 Ohms (Depends on Circuit Configuration)
Open Circuit Resistance > 10 M Ohms
Contact Bounce <25 m SEC
Contact Configuration SPST-NO. DPST-NO
Environmental Specs
Operating Temp -20 C to + 65 C
Storage Temp -40 C to + 75 C
Humidity Mil Std 202F Method 103B, Test Cond B
Resistant to Salt spray, sand and dust, sulfur atmosphere, liquids, chemicals, solvents
General Specs
Actuation Force 6-16 Oz (Typ)
Life Expectancy >1 million
Key Travel .007-.035
Tolerances +/- .005 Tooling
+/-.015 Registration