LCD Modules

LCD Modules

CAM offers a wide range of Standard Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) products for your every need. Our products include stand alone LCD Glass for displaying a few icons or digits, Character LCD Modules, with fully integrated drive electronics, to both monochrome and color Graphic LCD Modules that have all of the control and drive electronics embedded into the module. We offer great prices, high quality, short lead times and can provide custom solutions with low tooling cost

LCD Capabilities

  • TN: Twisted Nematic
  • STN: Super Twisted Nematic
  • DSTN: Double Super Twisted Nematic
  • FSTN: Film Compensation Super Twisted Nematic
  • MULTI-COLOR TN HTN: High Twisted
  • ECB COLOR (F) STN: Electronically Controlled Birefringence Nematic

Color STN display 1.7”-5.7” Color Active Matrix TFT displays 6.2” -21”


  • SMT: Surface Mount Technology
  • COB: Chip-On-Board
  • COG: Chip-On-Glass
  • TAB: Tape Automated Bonding


TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTICS: TN/STN wide range -30 to +80 storage -20 to +70 operating
INTERFACE / CONNECTOR METHOD: FFC Flexible Flat Cable, Zebra Strips, Heat
Seal, Pins, FPC Flexible Print Circuit
BACKLIGHTING: LED (Light-Emitting Diode), EL ( Electro Luminescent), CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), FIBER OPTIC

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