Capacitive – A Touchview Product

Cam Touchview offers a suite of Scratch Resistant Capacitive Touch Screen products that have been specifically designed for public access applications, which are subject to wet and dirty environmental conditions. The screens are not only reliable and durable but also are immune to water and dampness. In addition to public access systems, gaming and other industries widely use our screens. By virtue of being the leading capacitive touch screen manufacturer, Cam Touchview is able to cater to the specific requirements of specific operating conditions, making our products highly practical and versatile.

Why should you choose our screens?

Endurance and Durability:

CAM’s capacitive touch screens withstand contaminants such as dirt, water, grease, running liquid,and harsh chemicals. The entire range is NEMA sealed, and has a life expectancy is over 220 million touches.

Excellent Response and Optical Performance:

With a transparent protective overcoat that minimizes reflection and maximizes light transmission, our capacitive touch screens provide dramatic scratch resistance and excellent clarity. The screens can easily recognize fast and light touches.

Also, the screens have:


  • Accurate Control
  • Less than 1.5%, excellent linearity with CAM capacitive controller.
  • Tail Technology

The products are available in standard sizes – 6.5″ to 21″.


Circuit 5V DC @35mA
Light Transmission more than 90%
Contact < 3ms
Linearity 1.5% (< 1.0% by request)
Surface Hardness 6H
Input Mode Conductive Stylus or bare finger
Life Expectancy Over 225 million
Operating Temp 15 degree C to 70 degree C
Storage Temp 50 degree C to 85 degree C