CAM Touchview continues to expand the boundaries of what a company can do to provide the best solutions for optimal performance at a very competitive price. We are a technology based company with innovative ideas and solutions. Our facility and manufacturing techniques ensure accurate, consistent results – no matter how high or low the volume.

Flexible to accommodate all of your needs:

  • Thermo Cycle/Enviromental Testing
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Color Matching
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • First Articles
  • Full Production Runs
  • Full Design Services
  • Advanced Manufacturing techniques

Contact our Customer Service Department to discuss your individual needs:

  • Blanket orders
  • Just in time shipments
  • Scheduled release inventory

Manufacturing and Design Options:

  • Metal, aluminum and plastic support panels; scratch-resistant windows; plastic bezels; back lighting – Electroluminescent (EL), fiberoptic, LEDs.
  • Flat and tactile touch features; metal dome and ‘polydome’ options; EMI/RFI and ESD protection.
  • Full screen printing capabilities for graphic overlays, EL, filtered windows, and product labeling; UV-resistant ink technology; dielectric, conductive silver and graphite inks.
  • Full range of finishes, keyboard and touch screen options, including embossing, debossing, selective texturing, antiglare, hardcoat, ‘deadfront’ graphics, rubber keys, and tinted windows.
  • Full range of materials and substrates, including polycarbonate, polyester, metal, glass, polyurethane, and other specialty materials.
  • Full range of high-performance adhesives for varied needs and applications.
  • Termination options: CrimpFlex, Berg, AMP or unterminated for ZIF termination.
  • Die or laser cutting for prototyping and short-run orders.
  • ‘Complete-unit’ manufacturing capabilities, including supply of printed circuit boards – SMT and through hole, flex circuits (Kapton, Mylar, Teflon FEP, Nomex), cables, VFDs, LCDs, supplied as a completed assembly.
  • In-house CAD/CAM design, artwork generation and documentation capabilities, ensuring that design flexibility, manufacturing accuracy, and product quality is achieved to a very high level.

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