Advanced Testing

TouchView® Data Reporting System (TDRS)

The innovative products that CAM Touchview manufactures are tested and certified using one of the most advanced test systems in the interface device industry. The TouchView® Data Reporting System (TDRS) is a fully automated test system which provides complete testing capabilities that are unmatched by any other test system currently available on the market. The TDRS was developed by CAM Touchview to revolutionize the way device functional performance is measured and recorded to not only provide our QA and Engineering departments with complete end-of-line production test data, but also make product functional performance reports available to our customers.

The TouchView® Data Reporting System enables CAM Touchview to achieve reliable production testing and analysis of all types of interface technologies including touch screens, keypads, flex circuits, PCBs, membrane switches, and integrated interface assemblies. The functional, electrical, and mechanical requirements are tested and verified, and the resulting test data is automatically recorded in a Microsoft SQL Server database, which can later be retrieved for any product identification including the optional bar-coded serial number. After end-of-line production testing the TouchView® Data Reporting System automatically generates reports which include all functional performance test data and quality assurance certification data for the entire lot. The TouchView® Data Reporting System can automatically email the test report to the customer via its built in TCP/IP communication features or print out a paper copy to be included with each product shipment.

Through the extensive capabilities made available by our TouchView® Data Reporting System, we can offer functional performance test data for a wide range of interface products that we produce and integrate at our Long Island, New York facility. The test algorithms used by the TouchView® Data Reporting System were developed by our on-staff engineers to incorporate some of the most advanced testing methods in the interface device industry. The built-in machine vision system is able to learn new products quickly, and perform testing on a variety of display parameters – brightness, contrast ratio, intensity, grayscale, dead pixel, over-saturation, display uniformity, and viewing angle.

For testing 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire touch screens, the TouchView® Data Reporting System tests touch screen accuracy and linearity, electrical impedance, and actuation force. Accuracy and linearity testing is performed at a programmable number of locations in the active area to allow for any required level of testing for critical end applications including medical and military applications. For more information on the extensive capabilities CAM Touchview can offer, feel free to contact our sales office.

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