About Us

CAM Touchview Products Inc

CAM Touchview Products Inc. was established in 1969 by Manny Cardinale and Gunter Muller. From its early years as a small manufacturing organization, CAM has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. That in itself has formed the basis for CAM’s reputation among engineers worldwide and it has been the driving force behind the organization’s aggressive growth curve.

This is evidenced through the rapid succession of manufacturing facilities the company has outgrown along the way. In 1972, just three years after its launch, CAM relocated from its original site in Freeport, N.Y. to a 7,800 square foot facility in Farmingdale, N.Y. In 1985 – a slow period for many electronics companies – CAM again moved to a larger, 15,000 square foot plant in Amityville, N.Y. Now in its 45th year CAM has evolved into a multinational collaborative designer/producer, providing premier quality while meeting and beating global competition.

Since 1969, CAM has been a true pioneer in the development of,high-rel membrane switches, graphic overlays, touch screens, and related technologies, forever changing the way we manipulate and view data displayed across a wide variety of industries, professions and environments including industrial controls, medical equipment, instrumentation, military systems and office automation.

With a new management style, added technical capabilities and new product offering, CAM is ready to take on any challenges and opportunities that arise in the future.

Our Vision and Values


Honesty. From this, comes trust. From trust, loyalty. From loyalty, commitment. Integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective success. Integrity is a high standard – to achieve it is to continually test ourselves against our best instincts, our best choices and behavior.


“A promise or pledge” to this group and its purposes. We are committed (loyal) to each other and to our business purpose of providing superior service to our customers. This promise cannot be passive; it can only be expressed and honored through action.


Active support or representation of our customers and each other. In order to successfully support, we must understand. Thus, we must invest time and effort in understanding the needs of our customers and the groups and individuals within CAM Touchview Products Inc.


To show regard or consideration for others. Respect opens the door to engagement, to establishing relationships that can grow and become strong. To carefully consider the needs and feelings of another person takes an investment of time and effort.

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